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White Chicken / Mutton Gravy Masala


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Take 250 gms chicken or mutton. Boiled it and separate it. Now take
200 gms onion cut it very small then mix it in juice machine. Now take
dahi or fresh malai 200 gms. Now take one kadai put in oil or ghee hot
is on the gas. And put that onion now put dahi or malai in it . put
full packet of ezzy masala mix in it. Now put chicken or mutton in it
for 10 to 15 minutes now your white chicken gravy is ready . serve it
with paratha, rice or nan.


Salt, Chilli powder, turmeric Powder, fresh Ginger ,
courinder ,black pepper, magajbee, Cumin, Bay Leaves,Badiyan,
Cinnemon, Khaskhas, Condamoms, Lavang, Javantri, Cloves& makhana,
testing powder.

The Indian cuisine can be most tempting and mouthwatering since it has aroma, taste and texture. The tastes differ from sweet to sour. The spices are used both in veg and none veg dishes. Some of the dishes can be time-consuming whereas others are simple and easy to prepare. Most Indian dishes contain gravy, which consists of a mixture of a variety of spices that are blended together into a paste and the gravy is prepared. The gravy is a good combination with naan, paratha, chapati, Rotis or even with rice. To prepare the gravy, you can need to blend all the spices together. The Ezzy white chicken/mutton gravy masala can be prepared instantly and enjoyed with homemade chapatis for lunch or dinner. You can buy mutton masala powder and other masala powder online sitting at the comfort of your house. There is no need to run around to shop for these products. You can get it for the cheap and best price. Our masala products are made from good quality ingredients that taste the best. With this perfect masala powder in your kitchen, you can cook delicious meals for your family. 

Mutton gravy is another favorite recipe of a lot of people. For cooking mutton gravy, many spices are required to build a taste similar to that available in many restaurants. As people crave for restaurant style mutton gravy, they keep on testing with one or the other mutton gravy masala to bring out that similar taste to their dish. Our mutton gravy masala powder is a perfect solution to make your mutton gravy taste like the one you get served in famous restaurants and hotels. Mutton gravy tastes the best when you eat it with rice. The protein content of mutton is higher as compared to that of chicken. That’s why it is preferred more by the health conscious people. You can even use the mutton gravy masala to marinate the mutton and then make roasted snacks out of it. So, try out our special mutton masala today and impress your family members and guests with the delicious taste of mutton you would be cooking for them.

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