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Shahi Tandoori Chicken Masala


Nt. Wt. 20 gm.

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Take 500 gms tandoori chicken two pieces. 100 gms curd and 1 tea spoon
oil & make paste of 1 packet Ezzy masala. Now keep for 1 hour with
masala in two pieces. After put on gas or oven for bake then serve it
with onion or lemon.


Salt, Chilli powder, Garlic, Turmeric Powder, Fresh
Ginger  Coriander ,Black paper, Magajibee, Cumin, Bay, Leaves,Badiyan,
Cinnemon, Khaskhas, Condamoms, Lavang, Javantri,Jaifal, Cloves, Ghee

Since most of people in the world love to eat tandoori chicken. For making a restaurant style tandoori chicken, you need that special tandoori chicken masala that can transform your simple tandoori chicken taste like the one served in top hotels. When you add our chicken curry masala powder to your chicken recipe being cooked at home, everyone eating this delight will lick their fingers because of the amazing taste of chicken curry.

Our chicken masala powder for sale attracts most of the customers who love to eat and cook different chicken recipes. Some people prefer to add a spice mix powder on the top of every chicken recipe they make. For those people, we have tandoori masala spice mix available with us. All you need to do is visit our website and order all exclusive collection of chicken masalas and spices mix to enhance the taste of all your chicken dishes.

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