Punjabi Chhole Masala

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Take 250 gms boneless chicken & wash it with water. Now take bowl and
put 1 eggs in it & mix EZZY POPCORN CHICKEN MASALA in it . now mix
boneless chicken in ita and put it for 10 minutes. Now take kadai &
put oil in it and make it hot after it hot fry chicken like a bhajiya.
Serve it with sauce or chattani


Salt, Chili Powder,Garlic, Turmaric Powder, Fresh Ginger
Coriander,Black paper,Magajibee,Cumin, Bay Leaves, Badiyan ,Cinnemon,
khaskhas,Condamoms, Lavang javantri, Jaifal, Cloves Masala&Makhan,
Testing Powder

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