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Mutton Seekh Kabab (Mamna) Masala


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Take 250 gms khima and wash it properly. Take out all the water from
it. Now in 1 bowl take250 gms khima and ad full packet of ezzy masala.
Take 1 egg and mix it. Keep it for two hours after doing all this take
one saucer and put some oil and water in it. Then take vauity that you
have made in your hand and make shikh kabab.


Salt,  Chili Powder, Garlic Turmaric Powder, Fresh Ginger
Coriander,Black Paper,Magajibee, Cumin ,Bay, Leaves,Badiyan, Cinnemon,
Khaskhas,Condamoms, Lavang, Javantri,Cloves&Natural Smokey Flavours

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