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Egg Gravy Masala


Nt. Wt. 20 gm.

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Takes 4 eggs and boil it and 2 onion and 2 tomato and paste  it . take
50 gms oil butter put in bowl. After mix the paste of onion and
tomato. After put Ezzy Eggs Gravy masala and 25 gm dahi and shake it.
After put it boiled eggs and after 5-6 mins. Boil it. Now ready Eggs
Gravy masala


Paper powder, Salt,  Chilly powder , Turmeric , Fresh
Ginger, Coriander,  Magajbee,Aniseed mace,Cimmanow,Cloves Bay
Leaf,Nutmug, Coriander powder.

Eggs are known to be the richest source of protein and almost everyone in the world loves to eat different recipes cooked with the help of eggs. Egg curry is one such recipe, which can be eaten with rice and Indian bread. The various spices necessary to enhance the taste of egg curry are cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves, etc. But when we put these condiments in their exact form in egg curry, they can even ruin our taste when they come in our mouth. Thus, people prefer to use readymade egg curry masala available in the market. But not all the readymade egg curry masalas will have all that perfect blend of spices and condiments. Our special egg curry masala has that perfect blend of all the relevant spices and condiments, which are required to make egg curry way more delicious. Get our egg curry masala for sale from our website.

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