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Chicken Tikka Fry Masala


Nt. Wt. 20 gm.

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Take 250 gms of chicken Lolipop and then wash it in the water  nicely.
Now take bowl with 3 eggs broken in it. Mix the EZZY lolipop masala
with the 3 eggs ad then mix put the chicken nicely now after the mix
put the chicken pieces in it . properly now fry it in the hot oil.
While frying add now EZZY chicken lolipop is ready to taste, serve it
with lemon and chatni


Salt,  Chilly powder ,Garlic, Turmeric powder, Fresh
Ginger,Salt, Coriander, Black papper, Magajbee, Cumin, Bay,Leaves, Badiyan, Cinnemon, Khakhs, Condamoms, Lavangpan, Javantri,jaifal,Cloves Masala

Do you love to cook nutritious and tasty meal to keep you and your family healthy and happy? In order to be healthy, eating the right amount of nutritious food is vital. Nowadays people are busy working outside, they get exhausted by the time they enter the kitchen. Fast foods and Ready-made foods have become an easy solution to this problem. 

Preparing your own meals can be a healthy start. Even if you crave to eat something spicy, grilled or fried with EzzyMasala you can instantly cook in your kitchen so that you can enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with your family and friends. The EzzyMasala chicken tikka fry can be a good starter. Your children at home will love it. Our masala products are absolutely tasty, it is prepared using the best spices which give the perfect mouth-watering taste that is loved by everyone. You can buy our products easily, our products are also available online, and you can shop at your convenience at the very best price. Use our Ezzy chicken tikka masala and our other masala packets to cook delicious meals and keep your family happy and healthy.

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