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Chicken Malai Tikka Masala


Nt. Wt. 20 gm.

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Take 250 gms bonless chicken. wash it properly. Take 1 bowl and add 1
egg. After add full packet of Ezzy malai tikka masala and mix it
properly. Now add bonless chicken and mix it for 1 hour. Now bake it
on Sigadi or Gas . and you can bake it with oil. Now your chicken
malai tikka is ready. Serve it  with onion or Nimboo


salt, Chili powder , turmeric powder, fresh ginger, courinder, black papper, magajbee, cumin, bayleaves, badiyan, cinnemon, khaskhas, condamoms, lavang, javantri,cloves&makhana,TestingPowder

Cooking can be fun, for many people cooking can be their hobby, others cook for fun. If cooking is what you like and if it’s your passion, no doubt you spend quality time exploring new dishes. Cooking can be creative and when you prepare a dish for the first time, you put a lot of effort, to give your best. When the food reflects happiness in the face of your family members and friends, it can inspire you to try out more and more new recipes. Indian cuisine is very popular, it has a variety of traditional and regional food items. Indian cooking includes the using of many herbs and spices which adds flavor. With Ezzy masala you can try out preparing a variety of dishes. The Ezzy chicken malai tikka masala is delicious and tastes yummy. It can be a very good option if you plan to have a barbecue party. Our masala packets can give you the homemade taste, the ingredients used are pure and of good quality. We have experienced chefs who are skilled and identify the art of preparing the blend of spices at the right consistency. You will love using our products to keep your family happy and healthy

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