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Butter Chicken Masala


Nt. Wt. 50 gm.

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Take 500 gm small pieces of chicken and boil it. In one bowl put 3
tomato pieces. The another bowl and put it 150 gms Dahi with boiled
chicken and EZZY Masala now in a pan take 50 gm of Amul Butter and
then add Ezzy Masala mix nicely and then cook it. Now it in ready to
serve with tandoori roti or Nan.


Salt , Chili powder , Garlic, Turmeric powder , Fresh
Ginger Coriander, Black papper, magajbee, Cumin , Bay, Leaves,
Cinnnemon , khaskhas, Condamoms, Lavang Javantri , Jaifal, Cloves,

To all food lovers, butter chicken or Murgh Makhani is all time favorite non-veg dish. It tastes absolutely delicious with thick cream, aromatic chicken pieces prepared by using tender chicken pieces. Mostly chicken breast is used to prepare this dish. It is buttery and has tomato sauce with a blend of several herbs and spices. Mostly children love this dish since it is mild and tastes awesome. It goes well with naan, roti, paratha or even rice.

Most Indians order Butter chicken when they are visiting restaurant since the craving to eat this dish runs high. The Internet is flooded with various recipes that show how to prepare butter chicken, but it can be time-consuming. You can prepare butter chicken at home easily by using Ezzy Butter chicken Masala. It is very simple and easy to cook, delicious butter chicken will be ready to serve using this instant masala which is time-saving. You can buy a small packet for just Rs. 10/-, our masala is widespread in home kitchens. We offer the best masala spices to satisfy your taste buds and keep your family healthy and happy.

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