Spices You Must Consider When Preparing Wonderful Recipes At Home

Food is the most amazing part of our lives. After all, it is one of the essential needs of our body but more than a need it has turned into an art. A lot of people take it in their own hands to cook healthy and delicious meals for themselves as well as their family. This is their way of ensuring that the food is not only freshly prepared but has the right mix of spices that makes the food even more lip-smacking. Spices bring out a great flavour, adds aroma and colour to the dish that makes it tempting and a delight. If you are trying to enhance your skills in cooking, here’s a list of some spices that must be a part of your kitchen.   


It is sweet and spicy in flavour and woody in texture as well as look. It is popularly used in Mexican chocolate, American desserts, Middle Eastern savoury dishes. But most of all, it is well known for its amazing health benefits. Those who regularly consume this spice enjoy regulation of blood sugar, anti-infection effects and hormone balancer for women. 


Turmeric is one of the most beneficial and healthy spice. You will find it in deep yellow-orange colour, making it easy to find. It has a slightly bitter and peppery taste but once added in the food, it truly changes the colour and taste of the dish. It is widely used in Tamil cuisines and curries, offering health benefits such as natural liver detoxifier, painkiller, apt for arthritis treatment, etc.


A spice made from either bell pepper or chili pepper varieties, paprika differs in heat and taste, offering smoky, hot-spicy, sweet and bitter flavours. Apart from Indian dishes, paprika is widely used in Hungarian, Mediterranean, tomato-based sauces and egg recipes. It is rich in antioxidants, natural stimulant and energizer and also known for its antibacterial properties. 


A lot of people are familiar with ginger but those who don’t; it is sweet-spicy and tangy in taste. Along with food, it is also widely used to prepare homemade medicines. You can use it to cure motion sickness, heartburn, menstrual cramp, cold etc. Western sweet foods, many Asian and European cuisines make most of this particular spice. You can also add it while preparing tea to give it an amazing aroma and a satisfying taste.